My Work

Rooted in the processes of human-centered design and co-creation, I strategize end-to-end solutions to create impact. My favorite part of the design process is the discovery phase where I work collaboratively to unlock user insights and generate fresh ideas.

Wellness On Wheels
Interactive Mobile Herb Garden

Wellness On Wheels is a service designed to bring medicinal herbs to communities as a preventive mechanism for various health issues.

Wearable + Mobile App

Rendezvous, a GPS wearable and mobile app will allow users visiting Las Vegas to spend their time how they want while staying updated on the whereabouts of their friends for a unique social experience.

Our Streets MPLS

Our Streets Minneapolis works to improve the city of Minneapolis infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

Kraft Yourself
Interactive Employee Wall

Kraftown Portal is a magnetic and dry erase wall designed for a fun and interactive experience for employees at Kraft's new headquarters in the Chicago area.

Two Way Street
Global Service Design Jam

During a 48-hour service design jam in San Francisco, my team imagined the topic of addressing economic inequality using matchmaking.

Cycling With Purpose
Adventure Cycling Association

Service project workshop proposal for cycling scholarship rooted in learning through firsthand experience.



Art Direction
Food Styling

Service Design choreographs processes, technologies and interactions within complex systems to co-create value for relevant stakeholders.

Birgit Mager, President of the Service Design Network